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Madi, Confidence Coach

"Working with Courtney was one of the best decisions I ever made! When I came to her, I had just hit a plateau in my business and I felt so unclear about what steps to take next. Thank god I had someone like Courtney to bring me back and help me find my way, she truly has a way of grounding you back down. I knew I was going to make big shifts while working with her, but I had no idea how much I would actually grow. I doubled my income to make $20k+ months and had a $60K launch! I almost couldn't BELIEVE it. I loved working with Courtney because I always felt understood, heard and seen. She always knew how to help me move forward. She never told me what to do, instead she always gave me the guidance I needed to make my own decisions. Walking out of my container with Courtney, I have never felt more empowered in my business. I now have the tools, strategy and mindset to keep making these huge leaps in my income AND impact."

Shawnell, Mindset Coach

"Before working with Courtney I had no business plan to grow my business and audience. With her help I was able to create a structured social media plan and I was able to land my first paying client within a month of working with Courtney! Working with her one on one felt like I could be myself with her and that she was very transparent about being in my shoes at one point. I never felt alone and It was very helpful to know that someone else could help me see the glass half full in times when i needed the support the most! If I didn't work with Courtney as a business coach. I probably wouldn't have a business to be honest. She gave me the structure and guidance I needed to really grow my audience and business! I would highly recommend hiring Courtney as a Business coach. If you're looking to level up in your business. She's your girl!"

Leyla, Performance Coach

"I was always hesitant when it came to marketing and had no idea what I was doing before working with Courtney. This side of business was a whole new world for me, so it was amazing to have her walk me through the process step by step. Honestly, I was not making any money from my business before I started working with her. I knew I had the skill-set to help people on a large scale, but was held back because I didn't know how to reach my clients effectively and charge for my services. In about two months after working with Courtney, I overcame these barriers and almost sold out on my first coaching launch. I have now secured clients for the next 3 months, which I could not have imagined happening given where I started. She opened the door for making my business profitable and for me being able to help more people! What I learned from her is invaluable, thanks so much Courtney!"

Sarah, Product Business Coach

"Oh my goodness, WHERE DO I START?? Through working with Courtney, I generated five figures in my very first month of business, and sold out my spots for the rest of the year, and Q1 of next year. Courtney truly knows her stuff, and was also incredibly patient, responsive, and heart-centered. She helped with absolutely everything I needed to know to launch my coaching business and get clients - from the tech to the Instagram content - I was fully equipped. Even better is that she's given me a 'game plan' of what I need to do to keep scaling my business, which includes incorporating passive income. My learning curve was cut in half, and I'm over the moon I signed up. It sounds dramatic but my life truly has changed through working with Courtney - not just financially, but from a personal point of view, too. I now know what's possible, and that I'm totally capable of making it happen. Would recommend her to anyone, 1000%."

Miranda, Coach

"I LOVED working with Courtney not only for her years of experience but also cause I felt like she got me. She helped me worked through some huge mindset blocks, something I didn't "hire" her for, but she was willing to sit & talk me through it. Courtney knows her stuff when it comes to launching & promoting. She helped me work through my 1st free challenge that got me over 50+ new subscribers and followers. I would highly recommend Courtney to someone who needs both strategy & leadership. Courtney is one of the genuine, authentic coaches out there. I will continue to have Courtney help me in my business!"

Kim, Fit Pregnancy

"Before working with Courtney, my business was making money, but I had no plan and I had no idea how I was going to grow or scale. I loved talking weekly with Courtney. She answered all of my questions and gave me the clarity and direction I craved. Courtney helped me hit my first 5-figure month! I went from 8,000 months to 18,000 months! I would highly recommend Courtney as a coach. She has so much experience and knew exactly what my business was missing. She was able to identify my strengths. Courtney helped me grow and scale my business. She helped me develop a group coaching program that made over $9600 in 2 weeks! I'm excited to implement what I've learned from Courtney and continue to grow my business! Thank you so much for everything!!!"

Amanda, Yoga Teacher Trainer

"Before working with Courtney I was really unorganized and constantly stuck in the “planning phase.” I was afraid to take action and had so many different balls in the air (but not enough money in my bank account). Working 1:1 with Courtney gave me the ACCOUNTABILITY and push I needed to finally put my ideas to action. She gave me tangible action steps that I was able to implement right away.

Courtney was amazing at helping me see the bigger picture, she’d walk me through how much money it was possible for me to make from various launches.

While working with Courtney I had my biggest launch of all- I made 20k in ONE WEEKEND! I also increased my prices and FINALLY hired an assistant to take care of things I didn’t want to do! While working with Courtney I made over 60K!"

Dani, Nutrition

"I had the opportunity to work with Courtney in a larger Mastermind group setting, as well as in her small group coaching. The biggest thing I received from her was consistency. No. Matter. What. Sounds corny but consistency = growth and growth is exactly what I needed to take my practice to the next level.

I used to go into the New Year waiting for the clients to come. After changing things up based on the Strategies she’s coached me on, I currently have almost 170 women registered for the Masterclass I’m giving. It’s only the 4th day of the year. I’ve grown my email list exponentially in just the last few weeks, like over 200 added. 400+ added to my FB group and I’ve grown my FB biz page by over 100 organically as well, reaching over 4K of active followers.

I’m super grateful for the opportunity I had to work with her and of you have the chance, don’t pass it up. In fact, make the opportunity happen. You won’t be sorry!"

Keanna, Coach

"Courtney taught me the foundational skills I needed in order to grow my audience's trust, spread my message effectively, nurture/ build a community, and make money and clients! Not only did she teach me business strategies and skills, but also provided me with the emotional support I needed during the hard times. She provided great compassion for the complexities that life has on business, coupled with actual strategies to help keep you moving forward.

I would highly recommend anyone who is starting a business to invest in themselves and choose her as an amazing coach! Without her, my business would still be just me creating a logo, but now I am creating an impact and making money. That is the real dream and Courtney will help you achieve that (as well as making a wonderful friend)."

Niki, Financial

"Courtney took me from zero to full-blown business in our 3 months working together. I could never have done this without her insight and wisdom. She kept me on track when I wanted to go off and do other things. She taught me what was important for my business and moving it forward.

She was so patient and understanding with me as I struggled to create new social media posts that would attract my ideal client. She helped me word things so that I could get my point across in a clear and witty way. Now that I have gone through the market research, reached out to my audience, and tested my ideas out with Courtney’s guidance I feel confident in my offers. She helped me do in 3 months what would have taken me a year. I’m happy to say that I am already booking sales calls and getting clients."

Mallory, ADHD

"Before I started working with Courtney, I knew very little about social media marketing and I didn't really have an audience. Courtney taught me SO much. She provided a structured approach so that I could make the best use of my time. Courtney also gave me great strategies so I could build my audience. If I hadn't worked with Courtney, I know that my audience wouldn't have grown, and I would have just been stuck in the same place where I started. I'm so glad I hired Courtney!"

Sandy, Mom's Fitness

"Before working with Courtney my business had no structure, I didn't know how to launch a program and I had zero sales skills. Now I know all about the seasons of my business and what to do at different times of the year. I've learned marketing techniques and strategy to promote my program and how to have a sales conversation that doesn't sound "sales-y" and actually works! It was such a pleasure working with you. I really appreciate your honesty and I love how clear and excited I felt after every coaching session. My first group coaching program was a success thanks to you!!"

Beatris, Coach

"Working with Courtney felt very empowering because she really understood my struggles and immediately provided expert help on overcoming those. Courtney helped me with overcoming my limiting beliefs and I got a clear strategy tailored to my strengths for building my audience to get more exposure and pitching for podcast interviews. Courtney is very skilled in what she does and I highly recommend her as a business coach. On top of being an amazing coach, she is such a wonderful person. She truly cares about the people she coaches and I felt so connected to her."

Esther, Trauma Training

"Working with Cortney was amazing. She guides you and at the same time holds you accountable for your own growth. I felt like my mind was a field with beautiful flowers (ideas) but with a lot of weeds that I needed to clean. Working with Courtney I gained clarity, self-confidence, and self-worth. I made my investment back and now I have a methodology that I follow. I created and launched a three-month mentorship program and I focus my services into what I love to do, bringing more value and expanding. I definitely recommend Courtney. She is wise about business, she knows how to bring out what you want to do, even without you knowing that is what you want to do. She is concise, straight to the point (which I love), and she is caring."

Tim, Mentor & Consultant

"The time I spent with Courtney FLEW by! She delivered a ton of information and really valuable suggestions. I gained so much clarity and am already implementing many of the items we discussed. I feel like Courtney removed some major roadblocks that were holding me back. I finally feel as though I have a clear direction in moving my business forward. I would absolutely work with her again!"

Megan, Author

"Stop what you’re doing and hire Courtney like right now! This powerhouse helped me launch my coaching business, land 10k in only 2 months, and create a strategic game plan for my multiple businesses. She is not only a business genius, she is also an intuitive empath. She has a way of being both kind and fierce, which is exactly what I needed. Do yourself and your business a favor and work with Courtney today!"

Jamie, Coach

"Throughout our entire time working together, she helped me find my niche, build a website, grow an audience, launch my first coaching program, and earn my first high ticket client of $4,000.

One of the most important factors for me, aside from all of the above-mentioned, was having a coach who showed up for me, was present and attentive, and responsive to my emails or texts. With Courtney I never had to wonder if my coach was going to be there for me - she ALWAYS responded, whether it was responding to a business question or problem, or simply talking me out of meltdown mode!

She has over a decade of experience, so if you are trying to grow your business or scale up then she is the coach for you. She will challenge you in all the necessary areas, and she’ll push you to be your best in the most loving way possible."

Susan, Coach

"Courtney is warm and approachable, while giving you direct feedback and her honest assessment. She made me feel instantly comfortable in her presence. We covered social media and content strategy, leadership, personal growth, and sales. I increased my social media audience by over 200% and had several new people reach out inquiring for my coaching services. I received new requests to be featured on others' podcasts and most of all, I grew confidence in myself and saw the magic at work that Courtney shared. I thought I knew what I needed to do to grow my name and biz based on previous experience, reading various how-tos and picking people's brains, but fear was blocking my way forward. Courtney helped me uncover my discomfort and shift my perspective. She met me where I was and presented me with choices so I could choose the best way forward for me."

Carola, Marketing & Writing Coach

"When I started working with Courtney, I knew a lot about marketing, but I also knew that working with a coach pushes and motivates me to do the work. I wanted to work with a coach for a long time and did it on my own until the moment I decided to work with Courtney.

What I got was exactly what I wanted: a motivating, loving coach who pushes me week after week in the right way to get my marketing jobs done and who is able to answer mindset questions! Courtney is authentic, warm and badass at the same time, which I really like and resonate with. Everyone who wants to get shit done, who really needs marketing for their business should choose Courtney as a business coach - and as a beautiful human - to have at their side."

Ashley, Coach

"Launching a business for the first time is no joke. I knew I had the skills to accomplish my craft, but I was missing other components, like sales, marketing, and my niche. Courtney held space for me to discover what was needed in my business and she pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of doing. I felt incredibly and I am so grateful I decided to hire Courtney when I did! I couldn't imagine trying to start an online business without the help of a coach who's been there. If I hadn't hired Courtney, I would still be downloading freebies that I would never use, stuck in comparison and my limiting beliefs, googling how to do a sales page, and frantically trying to talk to an audience I hadn't taken the time to build. Courtney knows her stuff and I love how straight forward and direct she is in her coaching. If you need help marketing a business or launching an online business, I would recommend Courtney 10 out of 10."

Krysten, Marketing

"Hiring Courtney has been the best investment I’ve made so far. Before working with Courtney I was stuck - I couldn’t figure out why my business wasn’t making any progress. From the very first call with her I left with more clarity than I ever could’ve imagined. She’ll pull things out of you that you didn’t know where issues while also being your best friend and biggest cheerleader. I went from feeling like an imposter to a real business owner with a clear vision and amazing strategies that will serve me and my business for years to come! If you’re ready to learn from the best there is, Courtney is your girl!"

Michelle, Network Marketing

"Working with Courtney was an absolute pleasure! It was the best way to keep me accountable to my vision. I came to Courtney because I had an idea but wasn’t executing it! Courtney helped me finalize all the moving pieces, make some small tweaks which made so much sense and she pushed me to jump in! Knowing I had a meeting with her once a week kept me pushing the needle and doing the work! There were aspects to this business I had never done before!

Sales Calls, putting a program together and she walked me through the entire process! The experience was just what I needed and I was able to fill my 1:1 Coaching Program during the time we worked together AND have a group of over 100 very targeted leads that will be perfect for my group coaching program. I’m so glad I took the plunge! Having someone keep you accountable to your plans is key!!!"

Nichole, Career Leadership

"I can't stop shouting Courtney's praises. I was looking for a business coach to help me build a solid foundation and when I came across a podcast interview she did, I knew she was the right coach for me. I needed to see the vulnerability and openness to know that you CAN grow a business without everything being perfect. I frequently recommend Courtney to anyone who is seeking help and will continue to shout her from the rooftops to continue to help enrich other women's lives. She was the exact support I needed. I have a podcast coming out soon because of her guidance and encouragement and I could not be more excited! Thanks again Courtney for being such an integral part of the growth of my business. I can't thank you enough."

Melissa, Coach

"Throughout working with Courtney, I was able to evolve as an individual ready to face all the building blocks when it comes to scaling a business. She helped me step out of my comfort zone and expand my reach as a coach. Courtney was able to offer amazing strategies to implement in my business to encourage growth. The 12 weeks that I spent in her program truly empowered me as a coach and made me stand up for what I desired in my business. Now, I feel a lot more organized and clear with the direction of my coaching practice. I appreciate the time and knowledge that she shared with me."

Tarrah, Health & Wellness

"Before I worked with Courtney my business was unclear, difficult and I didn’t have a clear plan. Courtney is very intuitive and has the perfect balance of loving guidance, and honesty. She helps to push you out of your comfort zone in a gentle way but involves you in the process. She always asked "how does that feel?" Working with Courtney I was able to understand my ideal client, and how to call them in an authentic way. She has so much knowledge around launching a program, pricing structures, and how to generate leads. The biggest benefit was knowing how to show vulnerability in my messaging which was previously a big challenge for me. I’d absolutely recommend Courtney, she has a lot of knowledge and experience and will take you to the next phase of your business. I am booking calls, getting dm's and getting feedback from potential clients."

Michaela, Coach

"Courtney is clear and honest. It's so refreshing. She reminded me of all the good things about the online business space.I had no clear direction to go and had no desire to follow any of the maps people had been trying to give me. Courtney has put me on a clear path with a map I am excited to use. In my opinion, a person who makes a good coach, is a person who can see and speak the unspoken. Courtney does both of those things beautifully. She highlighted my weak spots, communicated them directly and kindly, and told me how to fix them. I cleared up my social media communication and design and have seen increases in both my engagement and followers--in less than a week. I feel good about the direction I'm going in and that's what is most important to me. If you are reading this, trust that you are reading it for a reason and book with Courtney if it is speaking to you. You won't regret it."

Cee Fee, Fitness & Nutrition

"Working with Court was the single best investment I have EVER made for myself. Court easily and quickly helped me navigate it into a cohesive, structured and streamlined business. I now work less, earn more and am earning triple. I earned my investment back in the same period of time working together in my first launch.. and we didn’t even do a structured launch… just a soft launch! Working with Court has been such a monumental pivot point in my life. The sheer number of epiphanies and eureka moments was nearly a full-time job. That woman can hold space like no other. My message to anyone thinking of taking on coaching with Court…. Don’t think… go with your gut. A blind leap of faith is all you need and you can rest assured that it will be the best experience of your life if you let it."

Jules, Photography

"I loved my time with Court! I was lacking serious direction with my new business idea and I felt like I was on a treadmill trying to figure it out on my own. I was jumping from one idea to the next and I just needed someone who knows what they are doing to help me. I gave Court all the back knowledge about me prior to our session and when we got into the call we got right to work. She helped me refine my niche, create program structure with pricing, and direct me with an IG and YouTube strategy. I have the confidence in myself already regarding the work I will provide BUT I was severely lacking the confidence in my ability to take the correct next steps to build a successful business and I feel like Court just provided me with that! I got exactly what I wanted. Also, she’s so cool and we had a blast talking!"

Lauren, Health & Wellness

"I had never been active on social media and really did not have a clue to actually market myself, but I knew I needed to start an online platform and I knew I needed guidance and accountability. There is so much business-building information out there it can be hard to navigate -Courtney has concisely and efficiently put together exactly what you need to know, no fluff, with actionable steps to build and audience and gain clients. I learned SO MUCH about all the key aspects of business-building ...choosing a niche, content creation, showing up, launching, etc. I cannot recommend working with Courtney enough!!"

Lindsay, Coach

"Courtney is incredible! She helped me build a business from ground zero. I was spiraling and had no real direction, but after the first call I found my niche and my business began to flourish. I hired Courtney with a following of SIX Facebook friends and after 12 short weeks, I now have over 3,500. In my time working with Courtney, my total number of potential clients grew from 0 (FB, IG combined) to now nearly 5,500 (FB, IG, and email). Courtney will hold you accountable using such grace and understanding, yet is able to push you and help you dig deep when struggles occur. Working with Courtney is certain to help your business tremendously!!!"

Johnna, Coach

"Within less than 6 weeks I had my first client enrolled in my new program! I would recommend Courtney to anyone who needs help in putting all the pieces together and making something worth selling that people actually want to buy. If I hadn’t worked with Courtney I would still be floundering around trying to figure out how-to make it work and getting frustrated. She gave me the tools I needed to accurately showcase what I offer to others so that they are clear on how I can help them. She gave me the power to light my bat signal, if you will. So that I now shine it bright for others to see and know that I'm the coach for them. Courtney made me feel heard and supported. She listened to my ideas and gave me honest feedback on them. I would recommend Courtney to anyone who needs help in putting all the pieces together and making something worth selling that people actual want to buy.Thank you, Courtney!"

Gabriella, Anatomy & Movement

"I hired Courtney after building my first 6 figure company in the yoga & wellness world. To say my expectations were high would be an understatement.

Within 4 sessions with Courtney, I found an aligned niche, message, branding…we developed an entire vision. I found more healing working with Courtney than I have with bodyworkers or talk therapists. In that healing, I found my message. She constantly challenged me, asked the hard questions but made it feel effortless.

While working with Courtney, I hired my first client, launched my first group coaching program and have been showing up fearlessly and effortlessly to an audience of my ideal clients."

Kelly, Food Blogger

"Courtney helped me reframe what started as a hobby blog into a legitimate coaching business. Not only did she give me the tools to present myself and my work in the best light, but she offered me positive inspiration on those inevitable bad days when I was feeling frustrated and wondering if any of it was working. It was so nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of and get help with copy and strategy. I now feel more confident with the work I’m doing and the direction I’m heading. Thank you, Courtney!"

Tess, Coach

"Courtney was a pleasure to work with. During my time with Courtney I signed on my first 2 paying clients. She helped me own my strengths as a coach. Thank you so much, Courtney, for your time and energy, and helping me navigate the exciting world of business!"

Chynell, Teachers Pay Teachers

"Courtney is an amazing coach. She truly understands how to coach you on an emotional level. She pushes you outside your comfort zone and helps you eradicate your fears that may be holding you back from performing in your business. While working with Courtney, I was able to sign clients and begin coaching them before my time with Courtney even ended! She walked me through step by step on how to add coaching services to my business model. Courtney knows running a coaching business like the back of her hand. If you want clients, hire Courtney."

Amanda, Coach

"Before working with Courtney, I was looking for someone who I knew I would be compatible to work with, someone who understood what I was saying even without saying it. She has a way of giving tough love when you need it, and a virtual hug if you need to be handled a little bit more delicately. Working with Courtney gave me the tools I need to create a successful coaching platform & business and I am more excited now than ever. I knew I was struggling with finding a niche and being more present on my social media. Being one of her many strong suits, Courtney helped me build my own branding, reach out to my audience, and create content that led to potential clients! I know my journey with Court isn’t over yet and I can’t wait to work with her again! If you get the chance to work even for a little bit with Court, you will be gaining so many tools to help build your business."

Sara, Podcast Host

"I absolutely recommend Courtney as a business coach! She has a way to give tips and strategies that I would have never even considered prior to working with her. She gets the mindset game, which I feel is in integral part of becoming a successful entrepreneur and a step a lot of online business coaches skip. Within two weeks of working with Courtney, I started to get people DM'ing ME without me reaching out at all. She gave me her honest opinion about the need to grow my audience and exactly how to do it. I feel that I am walking away knowing exactly the steps I need to take to grow my audience, land podcast interviews, and write engaging content that speaks to my ideal client."

Britta, Movement & Yoga Educator

"Thanks to your guidance, the amazing online tutorials and resources you provided and the support of the other clients in your group, I made monumental changes in my outlook and execution of my business. I feel so confident about the direction and state I've brought my business to and where it's going now as a result of your training and insight. Your personal, yet highly professional approach in the online space really impressed me and inspired me. You challenged us to lean into our discomforts. You provided encouragement and accountability, which is exactly what I look for in mentors. Just shy of two weeks out of the program and I've already signed 2 new clients, have tons of positive feedback about my online programs, am stepping into new roles, new projects and my business as a whole is rapidly growing. It's really amazing! I'm SO grateful for this experience and excited to continue the work that you helped me define."

Carly, Medical Doctor

"Prior to working with Courtney, I practically didn’t have a business. I had been trying for a few months to carve out my space in online business, feeling overwhelmed with how many gurus were telling me why this or that system was THE WAY to make money and connect with clients online. I was sick of trying to puzzle-piece strategies together and coming up empty. I was ready to have someone who 100% knew what they were doing to walk step-by-step with me through the creation of an authentic and profitable business, and then I found Courtney.

Courtney is so much more than a business coach. While marketing strategies and business savvy is what she offers, it was the mindset work and deep understanding of me as a person that she surprised me with. I experienced a shifting of my mindset from my business being stressful and draining to it feeling fulfilling, meaningful and purposeful.She developed a deep understanding of my personality and knew just when to push me forward or rein me in.

While we worked together, I booked myself out with clients, developed and launched a full group coaching program, created and successfully launched an online course and grew my audience by 5x. Her strategies are rock solid and I started seeing positive feedback within a week.

If you’re on the fence about working with Courtney, understand that while you’re hiring a business coach, she is SO more than that. She is passionate, honest and dedicated to your success."

Emmanuelle, Health Coach

"Working with Courtney has been such a game changer for me. I used to spend my days in entrepreneurial rabbit holes like my website but I was never showing my face on social media nor engaging with others. Now I feel empowered and excited for the future. I have grown so much, and reached a level of myself that I didn’t think was possible and most of all, I believe in myself now. Courtney helped me to understand that being shy or hiding will not help and serve my purpose. I'm so proud to be an international health coach, working both in French and English and interacting with people from different countries. I'm not afraid anymore and I have big plans for my life and all of these is thanks to Courtney! I recommend Courtney without a doubt! Go hire her!"

Jessica, Podcast Host

"During my time with Courtney, the story that I created that I wasn't good enough to be a coach was dismantled and in its place a new found confidence and message that I feel good, no scratch that, GREAT about. She broke down the business of coaching in an easy, digestible format, gave me action items to complete each week, and when I was just feeling like I couldn't go on, she knew exactly what to say to move through those emotions. Now my audience is building, I'm reaching target clients, and I launched a podcast that I know is going to change the world. This is all because of Courtney's guidance and the space she held for me and my dreams. Thank you Courtney. You have changed my life."

Anna, Coach

"Working with Courtney was the best investment I’ve made in my business. I went from feeling like a hamster on a wheel, regurgitating information I’d heard in courses, to a real coach with real paying clients. Courtney isn’t only a marketing ninja, but her sales call script has me at a 100% close rate. Courtney is not only a master of strategies, but also a mindset wizard. Courtney will hold your hand, but also call out your BS. If you’re ready to stop twiddling your thumbs, get out of the online courses hamster wheel, and actually build a business, Courtney is your girl."

Nicole, Health & Fitness

"Before working with Courtney, I had wasted my time for two years. I had no strategy, no offerings, and was ready to give up. Courtney was always understanding and took things at my pace, while also challenging me outside my comfort zone. She provided honest feedback, tactical strategies, and helped me set realistic goals each week. As a result, my audience grew by over 1000 and I’ve gained new clients. I gained over 1000 new followers, got on sales calls for the first time, and gained new clients. More importantly, I gained confidence that I CAN make this business happen. Thanks so much for everything Courtney!!"

Jaclyn, Health & Fitness

"Working with Courtney was amazing! It felt like weights were lifted off my shoulders. I no longer had to figure it all out on my own. Her coaching style was a great balance of pushing me out of my comfort zone in a way that made me feel comfortable with being uncomfortable and democratic. I love how organized and focused her coaching was each week. She cured my squirrel brain. She uncomplicated marketing and my coaching business. In my second week working with Courtney I booked my first paying client! Soon after we doubled my pricing and I now offer a group coaching program along with one on one coaching! I am thrilled to finally say I have a business and I now know how market to my audience. Courtney gave me the confidence, direction and marking tools I needed and I am forever grateful for her!"

Melissa, Coach

"I loved working with Courtney and recommend her to anyone who wants someone smart and knowledgeable to help them grow their business. She provides tough love with tenderness, and holds you accountable but also shares with you everything you need to succeed! I began working with her at a point where I had learned a ton about business, marketing and sales, but was really clueless about how to apply all of the new information to my business. She helped me to get organized and helped lead me in the direction I needed to go to grow an audience and create my first coaching program. After our time working together I had clarity and understanding on how to take my business in the direction I want to go and steps I needed to take to get me there."

Natalie, Coach

"Working one on one with Courtney was so helpful. Having the accountability, her endless knowledge about marketing strategy, and just having a well-informed ear that I trusted while thinking through things in my business was invaluable. I loved how she would just tell it to me straight. Since working with Courtney, my Instagram account has grown by 1000 followers, I get tons more engagement, and that engagement leads to inquiries, sales calls, and clients. I have a coaching program outlined that I am truly so jazzed to offer to people, and I have plenty of actionable steps to take moving forward, even without having her as my coach anymore. I would definitely recommend hiring Courtney."

Michelle, Career Coach

"Courtney has this magical way of being the kind, compassionate listener who takes on board 'everything' you say (she doesn't miss a trick!!) whilst simultaneously encouraging you, pushing you and guiding you to carve your own path in a brave and unique fashion. Three months down the line I can't quite believe where I am now. I am working with both British and American people, have been interviewed on a podcast, had a piece of my writing published in an on-line magazine, with an invitation to write more and all in all a new found confidence and clarity about my mission and life purpose than I have ever had before."

Kristen, Coach

"Courtney helped me find clarity in my goals, create a coinciding financial plan for the year, as well as a breakdown on what should be my focus & how to prioritize. Every business owner knows that these three factors alone are huge game changers, which is truly what sets Courtney apart from so many other coaches. Her extensive experience, confidence in relevant strategies, & relatable nature makes business development so much less stressful, giving me the freedom to focus on the things I love like creating & coaching. I am so grateful to have Courtney on this journey with me & cannot recommend her enough."

Courtney, Fitness

"Before working with Courtney I was in and out of my business. I wasn’t truly consistent and just felt I was spinning my wheels not knowing what direction to take. Not only did she hold me accountable and give the the support I needed but she also gave me direction. She wasn’t afraid to give her honest opinion and that’s what I wanted! She’s so genuine and honest, someone who truly cares about guiding you in the right direction. She helped me refine my ideal client and really create content that spoke to that one person. I even had someone reach out because of my content and then became a client! For the past 3 months I’ve been consistent in my business, quit my full-time job and am on the right track to success!"

April, Life Coach

"Hiring Courtney was the best decision I’ve made for my business. When I hired her my business had a ton of passion behind it, but absolutely nothing was happening. The time spent with Courtney was focused and actionable. After each session with her I would see results after implementing what we discussed. She was able to give perspective and wisdom to my business which gave me the confidence to reach all of my business goals. If you’re on the fence about hiring Courtney, just go for it. I’m here to tell you that you will not regret your decision to work with her. She is an invaluable asset to any entrepreneur out there."

Dani, Network Marketing

"Courtney is sweet and energetic, with out ever making you feel overwhelmed. She knows how to get on your level with things and work from there. Before working with Courtney hitting the post button to share things was IMPOSSIBLE. I was trying way too hard and didn’t sound like myself, she gave me the tools to capture an audience while being yourself. I will (and have) recommend Courtney to EVERYONE for ANY business. She is that ray of sunshine you need because she genuinely cares about helping you become a better coach and won’t quit til she sees you believe in yourself."

Justine, Ayurveda Educator

"Courtney has been able to help me see some blind spots I've had in growing my business. Her intuitive, knowledgeable and creative support has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and better serve my business, my clients, and myself with greater awareness and understanding! Having Courtney as my business coach has propelled me forward in new directions I didn't see were possible. Thank you."

Catie, Fitness

"Courtney’s support and guidance was exactly what I needed to make the transition from academics into entrepreneurship. As a creative person with a scientific background, I needed someone who could help me to create a solid strategy to transform my ideas into a business. Courtney helped me to set up short and long term goals for my business and gave me groundbreaking marketing tips for my product launches. She reviewed my current systems, restructured my workflow and helped me with outsourcing of smaller tasks."

Khrystle, Holistic Coach

"Courtney really knows her stuff and is a true expert! She helped me gain clarity on how to run my business from a macro perspective (looking at the whole year), up my prices, and how to talk to potential clients. Courtney encouraged me to reach out for collaborations, which she gave me the perfect thing to say, and now I will be interviewing someone who has been on Oprah! I wish I could work with Courtney 365 days a year - her coaching is truly valuable and she really cares about you and your business by going above and beyond!"

Emmy, Network Marketing

"I am beyond thankful for Courtney--not only how she has helped move my business forward, but also who she is as a person. It is important to me to invest in a coach that is just as much caring as she is about getting things done. Courtney has a big heart for all of her clients. In the 12 weeks that I worked with Courtney, we got stuff DONE! Courtney's strengths in strategy and marketing helped me organize my thoughts, dreams and plans for my business. She helped prioritize the revenue making tasks to do in order to grow my audience and business. With her help, I was able to launch my signature 1:1 coaching program, get my first paid client, guest spot on multiple people's podcasts and something I am super proud of (and couldn't have done without Courtney's coaching) is launch my own podcast Perfectly Not Plus Size. Thank you Courtney for consistently showing up for me, so I could consistently show up for the women I get the opportunity to serve."

Kara, Business Coach

"Working with Courtney has been beyond incredible! I was fresh out of university when I signed up for her coaching and making such a big investment in a coach was SO scary but definitely one of the best decisions I've made. Courtney was an exceptional coach that I knew I could rely on whenever I had questions or concerns. She was always there to cheer me up and remind me that I have what it takes to have a successful business. In 4 months, I went from being a VA, to being an OBM, to doubling my 9-5 income and becoming a coach myself so I can help other inspiring women become Virtual Assistants and make money from their laptop. Working with Courtney really got me out of my comfort zone and I'm so grateful that I decided to go for it!"

Molly, Body Image Expert

"Before I started with Courtney my business felt chaotic, how do I get there? How do I grow my audience? How do I convert followers to clients? Where do I even start? Courtney taught me ALL of these things and more. In my time working with Courtney, I launched my first group program! Step by step, she walked me through exactly what to do. Not only did she give me actionable steps, but she has this gentle personality but also maintains the "listen, get your shit done" accountability piece. It was the EXACT type of energy and guidance that I needed. I cannot recommend working with Courtney enough."

Kelly, Fitness

"Working with Courtney was the best decision I made. She helped me bring in structure that allowed to me to be so much more productive. Having Courtney be so attentive and caring about my business, I realized I wasn’t talking to the right person in my content. Using all the tools and strategies that she gave me, my business has a lot more engagement, I have way more followers than when I started and it’s been such a pleasure to work with her. She helped me break through so many mental blocks and money blocks that have been holding me back in my business. She is such a sweetheart but she will call you out on your bullshit, in a loving way, because she truly wants to see you succeed."

Amelia, Writer, Speaker, Coach

"This woman deserves coach of the century award! Courtney helped me find the confidence to do a Ted talk and so much more this year, including 5x my income. I’m consistently doing $20,000 months. She’s incredible. When I came to Courtney I asked her to help me level up. She did. By helping me look at myself, my emotions the way I responded in my business. She challenged me to consistency, vulnerability, and something even better than discipline - devotion. She’s seen me cry, she’s pushed me, challenged me, celebrated me. But more than all the strategy, resources and financial success - she held the mirror for me."

Shannon, Fitness & Nutrition

"Prior to working with Courtney, I was in the process of launching my first coaching program. Courtney helped me streamline my sales process from calls to on-boarding and increase my overall conversion rate! I love how down to earth her coaching style is, giving you tangible action steps and strategy to move your business forward. Courtney is a true expert in her field and takes the time to give your business the one on one attention it needs to succeed! I cannot recommend her enough! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!"

Meghan, Coach

From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! Working with you was so much better than I could have imagined. You have such a gift.

Sam, Fitness

"My business grew when I worked with Courtney immensely. In the 3 months of working together, I took on 8 new clients at a price that was more than 5x what I was originally charging. She held me to a standard that I was not holding myself to. Aside from the actual business work, Courtney helped me have major breakthroughs with my money mindset and discovering my REAL ‘why’ which have been game changers in the way potential clients interact with me and how I produce meaningful content."

Skylar, Branding & Design Agency

"I just had a sales call and booked a deep dive session with a new client! This client wants tons of stuff! I have so much confidence and feel so good now. I'm crying of happiness because of how empowered I felt after getting so much clarity about my business with Courtney."

Christina, Coach

For the past 3 years I had built my coaching practice entirely through live networking and referrals. It was working, and I was starting to feel the burn out. What I loved about working with Courtney one-on-one was that we could really focus on me and my business--what I could create and see as feasible, what would best attract the audience I cared the most about, etc. Courtney is a lexicon of online marketing knowledge. I have it that her level of honesty and demand that I put the work in is what made generating 4 new clients over our 4 months of working together possible. And, those results made the investment pay for itself! Going from maybe 50 Facebook friends and virtually no online presence to those results was a huge win for me. I would highly recommend Courtney to anyone else who has dutifully avoided social media like the plague, and promise you'll have way more fun with it by working with her!

Cheyenne, Coach

"I'd been thinking about hiring a business coach to help me figure out the logistics of the coaching world for almost two months. Then one day, Court followed me. She didn't cold message me with fluffy compliments about my content. She just followed me and kept posting. I saw one post and was sold, so I hopped on a sales call. I immediately trusted her. 12 weeks and 14 goals (that seemed impossible) later, I am able to stand fully confident in my role as a coach. I know there's much more to learn, but Courtney has helped me build a strong foundation."